Children of the Wicked

Inspired by the Book of Psalms

The serpent’s veil on their heads,

Eyes reflecting eternal fire,

Mocking through gnashing teeth,

Wicked counsel to conspire,

No fear of God,

Hearts of stone,

Soul as black as the pit,

Depths of darkness unknown,

Minds of wicked wisdom,

Worshipping the works of their hands,

Preying upon the righteous,

Seductive plans,

Where angels fear to tread,

Running swiftly to evil,

Uttering lies on their neighbor,

Cunning and deceitful,

Powers of darkness,

Sitting in high places,

Organized evil,

Manifested disgraces,

Smells of the finest perfumes,

Covering souls that wreak,

Havoc in the finest clothes,

But their poor spirits leak,

They are drunken with adultery,

Hearts trusting in luxury,

Comparing amongst themselves,

To themselves they commend,

Destined for destruction,

Their days are a numbered end.

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