Out of the Strong

Inspired by Judges 13, 16, & my heart. 💜

An oppressed time of darkness,

Then came Light,

Hope to escape the heartless,

Words that flamed bright,

The fruitless now fruitful,

In their appointed time,

Prophecy forever truthful,

An anointed time,

Chosen to be set apart,

Graced with God’s strength,

A divine Will in heart,

Crown of glory in length,

Infatuated with a strange love,

That no one can comprehend,

A divine purpose from above,

A Godsend,

A love of betrayal,

That cause the strong to be weak,

A deceitful portrayal,

Humiliation was seeked,

Ransom in disguise,

Secrets between lovers,

Funny how love blinds,

Loss of God’s glorious cover,

Temptation robbed vision,

Infatuation made powerless,

But God’s divine provision,

Gave strength and empowerment,

Divinely purposed and chosen,

Before formed in the womb,

Prophecy fulfilled as spoken,

A divine Will to resume,

The oppressed granted deliverance,

A divine escape made,

A humbled heart from repentance,

God’s glory displayed,

An honorable death,

With the greatest victory,

Words fulfilled of divine breath,

Chosen to perform a divine liberty,

A riddle of heroism,

A divine Will,

In a vision of wisdom, 😊

A prophetic wish fulfilled, 😊

Out of the eater,

Something to eat,

Out of the strong,

Something sweet.  ğŸ˜Š

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